Saturday, April 30, 2011

Patisserie thus far

I am about to commence my second term studying Patisserie at Box Hill Tafe.
I am loving it, but totally underestimated the affect it would have on my body.

Just over half way through my 1st term I bulged a the L4 disc in my spine, and as it was not trauma related the doctors were concerned it would prolapse, thankfully with a fair amount of rest and recovery, an awesome bunch of friends and understanding lecturers I am prepared for this next term and will be attacking with gusto.
I have a bit to catch up on, but I don't really mind all that much, it's a great learning environment and as I kept being told, the most important thing it is let my back recover, if I push it, I could have permanent damage and there goes my career as a chef.

so injury aside, I am hanging out for the early Monday morning with my friends, the hyperactivity and teamwork we do so well.
I'm also getting fitter, eating well and will be exercising as of next week again- YAY for Physiotherapy!!

We have had 3 main classes this last term that will be continuing



USE BASIC METHODS OF COOKERY  (Basic Commercial cookery class)

Working in the Bakers Delight training kitchen is fantastic, as we get a real idea of how to work in a larger scale, no artisan loaves here, it's 60kg of dough formed by our hands, buns iced and donuts made in massive amounts using proper commercial bakery equipment

Patisserie class is by far my favorite- it's not just about making a nice dessert, we have to think about plating, how we present and be creative, as well as the components that make up the dish- and how well it looks and tastes together- I love the combination of being able to use my artistic side and be hands on.

Basic Methods is a class I have missed most of, due to some serious anxiety issues, which I have hopefully nipped in the bud I have missed a chunk from term 1, but my Chef knows the go, and he is supportive in my wanting to catch up

I hope you enjoy more updates from me, and the things I am doing
below I am going to post some of the things we have been making in classes thus far

Crepes sandwiched with Ganache, served with a orange and sugar syrup reduction, orange segments and candied peel

Chocolate Fondant with berry compote, cocoa and chocolate decor.

Coconut Bavarois with mango jelly served with mango coulis, glass biscuit and chocolate swirls

Hope you like my progress,
Love, Hugs and Fondants
xo Ezz

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