Saturday, April 30, 2011

Food = LOVE

Food is something I am addicted to- it's how I remember events, places and feelings from my past.
My granny's bread, mayonnaise, cold apple slice and fresh home made treats were mainstays of my childhood. Grandma's cupcakes cannot ever compare with anything I can purchase, not matter how luscious the bakeries attempt to make them, her Anzacs and cornflake cookies were gorgeous- no wonder we would come back after school holidays looking like butterballs- we were fed, and fed well.

When we went to that states for a family trip, planned for years, to the theme parks, I remember Funnel cakes at Seaworld and being drenched by Shamu, the salty smell in the air mingled with sweet strawberries and heavenly powdered sugar and cream as I crunched into that first funnel cake was a revelation. I remember Peach iced tea on the way back from  the Grand Canyon, Snickers ice cream from Carlsbad,  a buffet the size of a ballroom in Las Vegas and a mega bag of tootsie rolls, munching as we drove down to La Jolla, to a skate comp.

Food is an indicator, not only of where we are from, but how we live, and what we share.

This is probably why I love it so much- and T.V shows- forget it, I am there before you can say boo!

I have a large family, just with my siblings, partners and kids there are 18 of us- so when we get together it is usually over a Sunday roast- sticky soft lamb with rich gravy and roasted veg, plus my beans with feta and pine nuts, maybe mum might make a new york cheesecake for dessert- so perfect and rich.
Then if you add my extended family into the mix it can end up being almost 60 people, laughing, eating, drinking and having a brilliant time- all around food.

My partner's family are of Italian descent. and our closest family friends are Greek-Cypriot, so I have no shortage of food inspiration in my life, and when I find something, a new product, a recipe, I am compelled to share with everyone I can.

I latch onto cookbooks like some kind of addict and me at Queen Victoria Market?? Coveture chocolate, french cheeses and fresh breads and antipasto make this one of my favorite places- no wonder we spent our 4 year anniversary wandering the stalls, and having a picnic.

Now I am studying to become a Patissier it has really put into perspective how much my life has revolved around the giving and sharing of food and if I can perpetuate that within my own professional life- I think that's a pretty satisfying life choice (=

this is a list of a few of my favorite recipe sites, chefs and restaurants that I adore

Hellenic Republic- Located in Brunswick, Melbourne is one of George Calombaris's restaurants- beautiful traditional Greek-Cypriot food- please try the Loukoumathes

Heston Blumenthal- a self-taught chef, who is known for his use of molecular gastronomy and brilliant show Heston's feasts- lickable wallpaper? yes please

Luxirare- Shoes, bags and super inventive and gorgeous food- this is an incredible blog

Eat Show and Tell- a brilliant Sydney-based blog about eating out, sharing food and enjoying it all- so fun to vicariously live through other foodie's experiences

Not Quite Nigella- a gorgeous cooking blog, lovely photography and recipes- very enjoyable to drool over.

Bakerella- Cake pops? mini winnie the pooh faces on a stick, pie pops? what is not to love- so adorable and fun ideas for kid's birthdays- love it

Epicute- the cute food blog, features so many petite and wonderful desserts, from the very kawaii, to the more refined gourmet offerings- a very fun distraction

David Lebovitz- living the sweet life in Paris, a pâtissier and acclaimed chef, living in Paris, his blog is pure inspiration for a food nerd like myself.

What food memories do you have?

Love, Hugs and Happiness


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