Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hiatus of massive proportions

Hello Lovelies,
I have been busy making big changes in my life, one of which I am the most excited about.

As of February 2011 I will be studying to become a Patissier at a Technical College.

This is a dream I have had for a while, and I am so happy I was accepted, and I cannot wait to be measured for my Chef whites and collect my kit in a few weeks.

I have also moved into my own tiny studio apartment right near School and the only downside is that I have no oven ( investing in a small convection oven is a few months away yet).
So there has been a big shift in my dreams becoming reality and all that it entails and I am over the moon.

Until my oven is purchased, I can work with sugar, custards and chocolate, so there will be some things up in the coming weeks.
I just wanted to tell the people who have been looking, that I am very much alive, I had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday season and I hope you have had one too!

Happy New Year

Love, Hugs and Dulce De Leche

Miss E

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