Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The good, the bad and the downright annoying

Let's start with the good: I have a fantastic School that are super understanding and wonderful. They look out for my best interests and will do anything to make sure that I am taken care of.
Add to that I have wonderful mates that I get along really well with and I have so much focus right now about what I want to achieve.

The bad is that Monday was my first day back. Monday is an 11 hour day, on your feet the whole day, after 2 hours that morning, even though I was being careful my back was screaming out for help. I couldn't sit for too long, I had to keep wandering around, I had to see the head of Patisserie and we had to have a chat about my back.
The result of which, between my Physio's advice and Head of Patissserie, I am going to have to take some time to rehabilitate my back in the right way. As a Chef you are reliant on your body 100%, bad back, bad knee, RSI- you need to take care of it asap, or else you can easily end up with a serious and permanent injury if you push on.
As my classes are mostly practical, my grades would be affected dramatically if I cannot participate, add to that the missed classes from my injury last term and I am well behind the group.

Basically, If I push my back the bulged disc could turn into a prolapsed disc and leave me in a serious and permanent injury situation.

The downright annoying is this:
I have to take time off to rehabilitate, and slowly recover and exercise- take my time and do it right.
I have to come back to school mid year and begin with a new group of people.
I will be 6 months behind in my future plans, as I will need to graduate with this next group.
I am going to miss my classmates so so much- they are so beautiful and warm and awesome- it makes me pretty bloody sad to be honest with you.
Add to this list- No classes means that my learning will be on hold, and I hate that too.

In all honesty, I am thankful I will be able to build my body back up, I am just frustrated that it is happening at a time when i am doing so well in every facet of my life- it might just be my body's way of saying
"Hey give me a break Ezz"
but it doesn't really change how frustrated I feel about it.

I just gotta make the best of it -turn those lemons into lemon curd tarts, and lemonade and gelati and marinades and anything else I can think of!

Love, gentle hugs and sour lemons

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